IQGroup, OPENSYS, JHM, Prlexus, Newbie

IQ Group released the financial result, it was okay nothing extraordinary. The stock price also reacted favourably.

Opensys stock price has crossed over RM0.40. Hope can sustain with good financial result.

JHM stock price is strong and people are waiting for their aerospace certification and financial result.

Just got to know besides coldeye, icon also interested in Prolexus.

Update on Newbie.
The day he started until now, the KLCI is down 15%, but his portfolio is up. He was very unfortunate because he started with oil and gas and some stocks that went down due to weak Ringgit. However, he still make profit and he is happy with the profit that he has made.

He has gone through some storms in the stock markets:
Oil and gas crash.
Ringgit drop
Britain Exit.
China economy slowdown
Trump US Election.

Being new in stock market, with all the storms, he still make profit. I estimated about 10% a year including dividend. Althought not very impressive, but:
i)He is new, lack of knowledge and doesn't bother to monitor his stocks.
ii)Always at the wrong timing and had experienced many storms.
iii)KLCI has dropped 15%.

I would say the performance is quite good. If with some experience and interest, the return could be much higher.

Basic things that he did?
Continue to invest in good fundamental growth stocks.

With this, I would stop reporting newbie journey because nothing much to write. The same old thing: keep investing in good fundamental growth stock and profit will come.


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