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Not buy or sell call ah don't come find me, just to provide neutral, reliable and trusted research only. Information source: Annual Report, as much as I would like to keep everything 100% accurate but at times mistakes can occure and PUNTER IB will not be held liable for any such errors. 

Principal Operating Activities:
Serba Dinamik is a global integrated engineering service provider with 3 major segments - EPCC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction & Commissioning), O & M (Operation and Maintainance), Others. The company has experience since 1993. Their services are provided for oil & gas, petrochemical and power plant industries. These includes O&G production platform, crude O&G refineries, petrochemical plants, LNG & CNG plants, Power Production Plants, Water & Utilities Plants, Chemical Plants and Biogas / Biomass Plants. The company has operations in most of the continents on Earth. Majority of revenue comes from Middle East.
Revenue Breakdown shown below: 

 5 Years Financial Highlight : 
As we can see above the company has been able to record an impressive 34.14% of Revenue Growth for the past 5 years.
Comprehensive Income attributable to shareholders grew at 40.2% Compounded for the past 5 years. With it's current orderbook of more than RM 8 billion, we can safely expect the revenue to continue to achieve double digits growth for the next Financial Year 19. One key risks to be aware of is the foreign currency exchange risks, which is reflected in FY17, where there is a huge 60+ million losses in foreign exchange. The company has stated to not have any hedging policy, so adverse currency movement could potentially impact earnings. Otherwise, the earnings seem to be growing pretty well. Also, the company is not affected by any oil price movment.

Operational Resilience against Adverse Oil Price Movement :

As we all know, the oil price crashed from it's peak in 2014, now compare this to Serba Dinamik's performance which operates in the Oil & Gas sector; Subsector in Operations and Maintainance of O&G Equipment, it is clear that despite the oil price crash, the company continued to record strong growth in revenue and earnings. In a way, we could say that the company is resistant towards any changes in oil price, another example would be YINSON.

To be continued....

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