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 On 12th April, I have shared an article related to SERBADK. I have written this:

I personally like SERBADK due to its good fundamental. However, I don't think to buy SERBADK share but considering on its warrant (SERBADK-WA). In this bear market, with a little capital, warrant is a good leverage tool to earn big with little money. High risk high return, invest smartly.

From 12th April until today, if you bought its warrant, you should have at least 30% profit.

An important development took place on 18 May 2020 where the price of SERBADK broke the resistance of 1.64. This breakout was accompanied by a higher than average traded volume which shows the enthusiasm of the traders to push the price higher and past this resistance hence giving a higher probability of a successful breakout.

In this point, I guess many people will start to ask whether we can collect oil & gas stock now? My answer is don't chase high. you must analyze the price vs external factor. Buy only when it is uptrend and in side way consolidation.

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