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If you read the chart of Serba Dinamik, you might be shaking your head as there are many false buying and selling signals when you trading or investing in this company's share. If you think Serba Dinamik's share price will move downward in short term due to a descending channel occurs, you might took the bait of the break down and flushes out by the big boys 2 weeks ago. If you think you are buying on breakout, you was then caught up in bungalow. Now Serba Dinamik is looking to form Quintuple Top.

Breakout from it or pullback again this time, we give you some ideas to thinks!

1. Dato' Awang
Remember why a descending channel or downtrend was formed after a superb quarterly result was released? Yes, Dato Awang was disposing his stake and ceasing to become a substantial shareholder. During this period (one and half month), there are a lot of rumours whether in i3investors or klse screener forum or any social media platform, saying that there are internal fight between Dato Karim and Dato Awang. In the 4th AGM which took place few days ago, Dato Awang did answer this question personally and say that he want to expand and focus on minetec, hence he ceased to become a substantial shareholder. To be honest, he is a humble and simple guy (Do not call him Bawang anymore LOL)

2. Awarded projects was not factored in price movement
Remember when Serba Dinamik was awarded projects and contracts? RM 7.71 bil UAE projects and RM 543 mil contracts excluding "call-out basis" O&M Contracts. Go and check what price was traded during these period, and compare with today's price. Target price or take profit price will not given by us. But you are welcome to take table below as references, as it shows all target price given by Local Research House's analysts.
1 JULY UOB KAYHIAN 1.80 (2.86%)
1 JULY AM INVEST 2.20 (25.71%)
1 JULY PUBLIC BANK 2.49 (42.29%)
1 JULY RHB INVESTMENT 2.55 (45.71%)
1 JULY KENANGA 2.70 (54.29%)
2 JULY AFFIN HWANG 2.10 (20%)

3. Volume Weighted Average Price
Here are the Volume Weighted Average Price (VWAP) of Serba Dinamik since 24/6/2020. VWAP is a measure of the average price at which a stock is traded over the trading horizon and it provides you an insight into both the trend and value of Serba Dinamik. From the table below, you will receive at least 4 messages:
(1) weak-hands was flushes out and these are the average buying price by strong hands;
(2) 5-day VWAP is moving upward;
(3) 3/7/2020 or Friday closing price was higher than Friday's VWAP and 5-day VWAP;
(4) Winner > Loser.
24/6/2020 WEDNESDAY 1.6054 -
25/6/2020 THURSDAY 1.5677 -
26/6/2020 FRIDAY 1.5758 -
29/6/2020 MONDAY 1.5747 -
30/6/2020 TUESDAY 1.6372 1.5922
1/7/2020 WEDNESDAY 1.6756 1.6062
2/7/2020 THURSDAY 1.6982 1.6323
3/7/2020 FRIDAY 1.74 1.6651

All in all, we "believe" that Serba Dinamik will breakout from Quintuple Top (Resistance at RM 1.86) due to these short-term factors. If you are a mid-long term investors, buy back if any pullback occurs, they are no longer an O&G company, the board especially Dato Karim was very visionary to diverisfy and transform their business into IT and reduce reliance in O&G. From the Group's IT segment, you can also see an exponential growth of above 100%. Basically their IT focus on two segment being consumer and retail segment and institutional segment. Dato Karim also mentioned in 4th AGM that this is a global business and with 7.7bil world population, if the group is "ABLE" to produce a useful software, then that will contribute to the group significantly.

What I can say is "Too Cheap To Ignore If Executed Right"!

Disclaimer: Analysis shared here is purely for educational & learning purpose, it does not induce any intention to purchase or sell. Further action or execution shall be consulted via experts. Trade at your own risk.

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