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An update on the hidden gem (未来之星SAM的跟进) – SAM (9822)

The writer had talk about SAM about a week ago and the respond is quite reputable. As per this writing, SAM has just released it 21Q2 quarter report, where it increased 115% QoQ, but dropped 25% YoY. The result is acceptable, and in fact, refreshing.

SAM was initially pursuing in aerospace business but has recently venturing into equipment segment, where supplying HDD and SSD are one of their main business. From the latest result, a falling profit from aerospace segment is expectable since all air-transportation are restricted, hence...


SAM这家公司的业务基本上都是和航空业务有关,但在近年来有加入了器材的业务,而提供硬盘 (HDD) 和固态硬盘 (SSD) 就是器材业务的核心。在最新的季报....

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