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How will COVID19 Ends?

Retrieve from http://antonthestreet.blogspot.com/2020/11/how-will-covid19-ends.html

The biggest question is now in everyone's mind - Will COVID19 ever end?

A fair answer to it will be - No! It will not really end but it'll evolved into something like H1N1 (hopefully!) and we can all go out again, safely!

The below are very likely scenarios that will happen over the next few years:

1. COVID19 will continue to mutate and evolve into a much more weakened virus (think H1N1 that was a real killer with morbidity rate of >10%). It currently has 1-2% mortality date and hopefully this number will drop further more. Viruses typically wants to 'live' forever, and it's the instinct of living things for their 'continuity on earth'

2. A series of vaccine that is successful in wiping out the COVID19 threat, where >70% of the human population is immunized against COVID19 hence achieving Herd Immunity. Think about this, you can still contract the virus but your body already know how to 'fight it off' without any further medication. There will definitely be some amount of population who will continue to be susceptible to the illness that is brought about by COVID19 virus. Hopefully the amount will be small and fatality rate will be very very low.

3. Effective treatment plan - this will ensure that if anyone of us is 'unlucky' and caught the virus, we have a cure to it. This is similar to having 'Penicillin' which during the WW2 managed to treat a lot of infections. Without Penicillin antibiotics millions will be dead and I am probably one of the candidate who ends up early at the graveyard considering my childhood episodes with asthma and lungs infections triggered by allergies. Read: AstraZeneca's COVID cocktail. Donald Trump had contracted COVID and had some worrying symptoms but he was saved due to the cocktail treatment. If you're wondering what is a cocktail, it is simply a mixture of different drugs or even antibodies from recovered patients, all working together to reduce human body's over-reaction to COVID19 infections and in the mean time fight against them.

Am I optimistic that either one of these above will materialize? I would say the reality might be a combination of 3 above scenarios. But the upside to mankind is that we will take a better care of ourselves, for example more hand washing, mask wearing and more sanitization of common areas.


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DickyMe Even if Covid 19 ends, it will be kept under wraps until next GE, because the backdoor gomen wants to remain in power.


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