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Everyone still remember this glorious masterpieces on all the pennies operated under one group?
Just as a refresher, this list basically highlights almost all of the marvelous goreng that your pal here gorengkitty adores over the last few months. This included the marvelous XOX, the gloves wonder AT endorsed by our one and only punching bag on i3investor/facebook, company such as GOCEAN (which we will go into in another post).  This were the top volumes, top gainers, top most traded shares in the whole of bursa from time to time? Some have made tonnes of money of em, but most people, while hating to admit have lost substantial amount of money from em, because in the end, who will gain most out of em? the operators, sharks and syndicates behind em of course!

While this list comprise almost ALL OF THE PRIMARY GORENG ONES. let me at least attempt to add a few more into the fray by branching out from the list made by edgemarket, introducing a few less known members into the group.

We will start this series by branching out on mTouche Technology Bhd, or MTOUCHE (0092)



Why? Why MTOUCHE in particular you ask? Its because of this article by The Star, highlighting a new shareholder by the name of Mr E into Vortex Consolidated, or VC (0060)


And why is this interesting, you say? because this link us to Madam C, and madam is once substantial shareholder in two of the goreng masterpiece of bursa that everyone should also be acquianted.  

1. MMAG 

oh yes, the burj dubai, the trapper, the legendary limit up fly high high rollercoaster that broke everyone to the moon, and left most people on it without oxygen and suffocating on top before bashing back down again... Well... i guess many didnt learn their lesson and once again they somehow manage to screw another bunch of people in again this week, hurrah!  Maybe another twin tower in the making? who knows? but madam ceased to be a shareholder already... maybe is a gone case or maybe madam will collect back soon and save whoever trapped above... in a few years... 

Do note that MMAG did acquire part of Dynacia as well recently... maybe a double goreng event is coming sooner than you think... hmmm

2. G3 Global Berhad

yeah... madam own this also, but only with 170,000 shares according to recent records, too lazy to dive in but interesting to highlight that both have a similiar super fast pump and dump scheme this week 

3. VC

this is the one where Mtouche is somehow linked to 

as well as the one that madam still owns like agak agak 24% of, while there is definitely some volume entering this few weeks...

that blob of people stuck on .315 is eye-soring and would be a huge resistance point, so highly doubt will fly high high....never know if madam will ever be benevolent enough to save em, this one might be a gone case as well for another few years... until madam needs money again~~~ 

OK there we have it... 3 and a half stock introduced with slight link to the map above where most have goreng nature! 
1. MMAG (and Dynacia)
2. G3
3. VC 

Note: This post is just me blowing water since i veli de bored and just wanted to highlight how maybe all the penny/goreng stocks are linked together in one big family~~
No specific names are mentioned to prevent harm to admin.bye bye <3 


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