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Lunch Appointment with MR. RONNIE TAN, Successful Multi-Millionaire Investor in Malaysia on 5/23

-Top 30 shareholders under LIIHEN, TOMYPAK, FLBHD, BPPLAS, LATITUDE, etc (as in Annual Report 2015)
-CAGR since year 2009 until 2015 – approximately 50% every year
-Start off investment with MYR200K

Mr. Ronnie is a very low profile successful investor in Malaysia. He met and knew Cold Eye, Mr. Fong Si Ling on year 2009, right after the crisis. That’s where his successful journey started. He mentioned that luck factor is a part of its success as well.

Mr. Ronnie is very passionate in shares investment even though he had retired with financial freedom. He did his own research, went to AGM, site visit and contact CEO/CFO of the company if he has any doubt, before he buy in the company shares.

For example, steel price had been in an uptrend recently. Mr. Ronnie was being worry about the impact of steel price for construction sector. So, he gave a call to director of GADANG and seeks for his advice before he made decision.

Without any future outlook, normally Mr. Ronnie will pick stock based on past track record, PE and ROE. However, if he found any uncertainty or worry about the future earnings, he will sell it immediately without hesitation. He mentioned that the ideal number of stocks in a portfolio is around 7, but he owned around 30 stocks currently.

He also mentioned that nowadays youngsters like to speculate, lack of patient and normally their holding period is less than 3 months. That’s not the right way, as if you trade in trade out for every up and down, probably you made losses more than profit.

Many people had ignored the power of CAGR, that’s the most powerful tools to grow your money. The behavior and attitude are the most important element in stock investment, rather than stock selection.

Overall, Mr. Ronnie is a very nice and kind person who willing to share his experience. Indeed it is a fruitful meet up.

Look forward to meet Cold Eye in real person.

RONNIE TAN -  Lunch Appointment with MR. RONNIE TAN, Successful Multi-Millionaire Investor in Malaysia on 5/23

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