After June Still Have July

The recent Brexit campaign tragedy "temporarily" ease tense from global market, and so for KLCI too which showing a strong reversal, but it just return to the shock interval. However, the market sentiment is still exist.

In addition, even though return to shock interval, KLCI is expect to have a confirm signal with or right after the time frame if said going to bullish, otherwise the possibility turn into bearish is increase. In fact, this point should also be a time for the next FED interest rate meeting. Unless FED give up on hiking interest rate, otherwise, after June, still have July.

凭着英国的一场悲剧“暂时”让全世界的股市翻转,而KLCI 也跟着出现强势翻转,但也只是回到震荡区间,由危急变成暂缓而已。所以,市场情绪依然是围观。

另外,纵使回到震荡区间,KLCI也必须在时间框内或大概结束之后有所表态,不然由盘转空的几率就大了。其实,这也应对了FED 下一个升息会议的时间点。总的来说,除非FED 放弃升息(紧缩),不然躲得过六月,也躲不过七月。