Dow OK, Crude Oil OK, KLCI not OK.

Dow moved above 18,000 and Crude Oil (WTI) closed higher than US$ 50.00 a barrel.

As I have mentioned previously, by mid 2017 I expect Dow to be above 20,000 in its major wave (7) movement.

And Crude Oil (WTI) to reach US$ 80.00 in its major wave 4 rebound.

Will KLCI move in tandem with Dow and Crude Oil price and has its major wave 5 run-up until mid 2017 ?

I am not very sure. Frankly speaking, at this moment I am monitoring for a possible 'failure major wave 5' as shown below.

Why? 1MDB loh. Weak Ringgit loh. Net out-flow of foreign investment loh. What else ?

When you have news like this:

and headline like this:

Click 'WSJ' to read.

I just wonder whether KLCI can have its major wave 5 run-up until mid-2017.

If KLCI can continue to move higher, that is very good.

But if today's 7.34 points drop marked the end of sub-wave ii,

and if KLCI continues to move lower from here and goes below 1620 and 1600 levels, be careful, be very careful, both major wave 5 and mega wave (5) might have ended.

The next down can be the dynamic wave (iii) of super wave (II).

Dow OK, Crude Oil OK, KLCI not OK. Dow OK, Crude Oil OK, KLCI not OK. Reviewed by admin on 6/10/2016 Rating: 5
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