Dow OK, Crude Oil OK, KLCI not OK.

Dow moved above 18,000 and Crude Oil (WTI) closed higher than US$ 50.00 a barrel.

As I have mentioned previously, by mid 2017 I expect Dow to be above 20,000 in its major wave (7) movement.

And Crude Oil (WTI) to reach US$ 80.00 in its major wave 4 rebound.

Will KLCI move in tandem with Dow and Crude Oil price and has its major wave 5 run-up until mid 2017 ?

I am not very sure. Frankly speaking, at this moment I am monitoring for a possible 'failure major wave 5' as shown below.

Why? 1MDB loh. Weak Ringgit loh. Net out-flow of foreign investment loh. What else ?

When you have news like this:

and headline like this:

Click 'WSJ' to read.

I just wonder whether KLCI can have its major wave 5 run-up until mid-2017.

If KLCI can continue to move higher, that is very good.

But if today's 7.34 points drop marked the end of sub-wave ii,

and if KLCI continues to move lower from here and goes below 1620 and 1600 levels, be careful, be very careful, both major wave 5 and mega wave (5) might have ended.

The next down can be the dynamic wave (iii) of super wave (II).