KAWAN (7216) - My Views On The Future Trend of KAWAN

KAWAN make a breakthrough from triangle pattern at last Friday. So, like this kind of trend is a good chance to speculate when notice a reversal signal, so I predict 3.34 is possible in a short term. 

Now is very close to the first resistance line and anytime will turn down. Conversely, if wish to turn into bullish, then is a must to breakthrough the first resistance line at 3.26, next is to develop a consolidation zone for at least 2 month times to digest the head position, after that breakthrough 3.42 than only preliminary bull trend is formed.  

But, If observed from weekly chart, then a long term trend can be seen clearly. Even though after the consolidation zone, but it just construct a M head pattern only from weekly chart. Unless it breakthrough 4.00, or else it will just make a bigger head, which to trap more money from retailer. If according to my analysis, once the second uptrend target price is reached, that usually is a top price. Except, another QE is coming, otherwise the best way to digest a head position is to introduce a Big Polar Bear.

So, I think current trend is disadvantage for long term investment, however, short term maybe still can make some fast money. Anyway, regardless long term or short term, eye on support & watch your risk.



如 果从周线来看,就更清楚看得出长期走势的发展,就算可以渡过两个月的震荡期然后突破,但是对周线来说也只是在筑M头,除非最后可以突破4.00,要不然也 只是在做出一个更大的头部,套更多的资金而已。如果以我的技术分析,一旦第二波涨幅出现后,计算出来的涨幅价位,通常都是头顶价位。除非,出现再一波的资 金浪潮,不然消化头部最好的方法,就是出现一波空头调整。


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