KLCI - June - Good or Bad?

In terms of chart, we are looking at a possible short uptrend to try breaking out to 1655. To me, what FF wants to sell, they already did that few days back with a huge volume of selling in Bursa, so i am quite positive that CI could go further to retest 1700 level, for some conditions to be met that include issue with IMDBeeeeeeee.
As long as news did not cover much stories with IMDB, i believe FF will come back possible after FED's decision after mid of June. 
With 2nd quarter window dressing on the line, local funds would also try their effort to make their books prettier.
So, at this moment, i would look into some CI related CW/index linked counter to exploit some profits from the run.
Just pray for less news from Jibby and IMDBeeee, then everything shall be clear in our local market.
Have a nice day and enjoy your weekend.