MINHO (5576) - MINHO The Twin of LIIHEN

Although MINHO recent financial report is not as good as expected, due to net profit decline about 32% if compare to same quarter last year. However, MINHO recent trend is highly correlative with LIIHEN, and is a counter that affected by USD/MYR forecast trend, which refer from my previous post - What Next for Ringgit

So, from technical analysis point of view, it surpass previous high, currently my target price is about 1.74 and set the support at 1.46. Well, whether the trend is develop as per my guess, open market will tell me the answer.

虽然MINHO 最近的财报有点不理想,因为跟去年同期相比net profit 滑落了大约32%。然而,近期的走势非常贴近LIIHEN,也是一个被马币预期走势而影响的股票。参考之前的 What Next for Ringgit


MINHO (5576) - MINHO The Twin of LIIHEN