PADINI (7052) - PADINI & IVORY Still Continue The Path To Glorious?

Since I wrote Is PADINI Raising or Fallen? last week, I expect a signal shall able to capture  from PADINI, then a fake signal is shown from PADINI in the last trading day at the same week. Now the trend is turned into sideways, started a period of about 11 trading days of horizontal price movement,within range 2.24 - 2.40. If luckily fall below 2.24 within these few trading days, then it will turn into bearish; conversely, if breakout after that, then the trend will turn into much more stronger, 2.80 will be reachable.

Also, IVORY have a false break in 27 May too at the last trading day in the same week. However, 2016 Q4 financial report is release after 2 trading day, and showing it net profit is decline significantly, directly destroy the triangle pattern. Now, IVORY is having the same trend too which entering a horizontal price movement, and not allow to fall below the support within about 10 trading days, otherwise it will turn into bearish. Conversely, it will turn strong.

Coincidence these two counter is having horizontal price movement with almost the same time frame instead of quick fall, I just guess maybe these two counter still have the shadow of big player, and they are trying to drag it until mid of June for either the next uptrend or stock clearing by following the background of 

FED June Meeting 

自在上个周写了Is PADINI Raising or Fallen? 我预期PADINI应该会作出表态,而PADINI就 在最后的交易日出现了假突破以作为那一周的结尾。如今的走势由多转盘,进入了为期大约11个交易日的高档震荡,区间在于2.24 - 2.40。如果在这期间内不幸跌破2.24, 趋势就会由盘转空;相反,如果能够撑得过又或突破成功,那么走势就会转成强势结构,而2.80 就指日可待。

同样在27/05,IVORY 也出现了假突破,一根长红就直接收在那一周的最后交易日。然而,在两个交易日后发布的2016 Q4 财报显示了net profit 呈现衰退,才直接将小三角收敛破坏然后转入横盘。如今,也同样的进入了一个震荡区间,支撑在大约10个交易日内是不能被跌破,不然走势就会由盘转空。反 之,走势就会由盘转强。


PADINI (7052) - PADINI & IVORY Still Continue The Path To Glorious?