Sell in June and go away

Morning ... checking on many index-linked counters and also some selected counters, it was BUY IN MID-MAY and go away ... I have said that many times last month to my group, wrote in blog ... and during e-meeting.

KLCI rebounded ... selling in stages now. SELL by mid-June and go away ...

There ... this is KLCI ... I even shared the whole list of RSI for every 30-counters linked to our KLCI. There were about 10 counters oversold .... and YES ... the TELCOs and BAT attracted me. I also liked IOICorp and bought CIMB too. These were for my index-linked fund.

Digi : Bought 2 days before ex-div 5.1cents, at 20MA support ... I was heavy inside Maxis ... so, I released some funds from Maxis to buy Digi. Yesterday ... it went crazy ... and my queue to sell at RM4.69 done.

Maxis : My heaviest holding ... sold two stages done and having my last portion this week.

SELL in mid-June and go-away ... as I bought these telcos in mid-May.

It has been almost a year now since I created the blue-chip funds. One of the account hit 20% yesterday after I sold of the IOICorp for profit-taking. The rest is doing 6%-12%. Slowly, once I m more consistent in managing these funds ... I will share with all how we could manage it (by trading).

Two main conditions : Only buy index-linked counters (the 30 counters) and only buy during market corrections(maybe twice/thrice a year). Yes .. need to be very patient to WAIT.

e-mail : I have few enquiry about the e-learning group. I will reply to all today. Also, I received someone asking me to manage some funds for him. Will reply to him too.

Ok ... market is opening ... and Digi going higher ...

Have a nice day