The Clue of Big Crash - Gold Spot

Early in the first quarter of 2014 when gold spot fell below the neckline, no more close monitoring after downtrend target price is drew.

早在2013 第一季当黄金跌破颈线,画了跌幅满足够就不再观察了。

Until recently the market (KLCI) and the global stock market crash then started to look back to the trend of gold spot, cause gold is the safe haven for all assets, discover that gold is breakthrough the uptrend support line, and entering a high band shock interval after all. 

Although it broke the second shock interval once before, but it took one trading day to recover and move above the support line, so this is means for the main force, also means big player is deploy since 8/2/2016, thus the starting point is won't broken easily.

Ironically, gold spot strong signal occurred in 3/6/2016, meanwhile KLCI is breakthrough the downtrend resistance line in the same day. Then, the next trading day 6/6/2016 KLCI rose about 12 point, and rose about 11 point at 7/7/2016. However, 8/6/2016 the market is stared to crash, but gold spot is rose about 15 point. Finally, KLCI bearish is confirm at 10/6/2016 which is the fake signal is formed after fall below the support! This is what I means Monday Blue? Black? After that, what happened is the market collapse. Frankly, 7 days closing with a black candle stick continuously and decline almost 50 points,  if this is not a bearish, then what is so-called bearish? Some more KLCI break the support by today.

直到近期大盘(KLCI) 和全球股市崩盘,才翻看回黄金的走势,毕竟黄金是所有资产的避风港,发现黄金在 2月8号时突破了上升趋势支撑线,从此以后就一直在高档盘震 。

虽然曾经一度跌破第二震荡区间的支撑线,但是却用了一天交易日的时间站上支撑线上,这个就是主力的力量,也代表主力从 8/2/2016 开始布局了,必然主力不会轻易让起涨点被跌破。

讽 刺的是,黄金的专强讯号是发生在3/6/2016,而当天KLCI 还突破了下降压力线,然后下一个交易日 6/6/2016 大涨大约12 点,然后7/6/2016 涨大约11 点。然而,8/6/2016 就是崩盘的开始也就是黄金出现拉高收盘。最后,在10/6/2016 KLCI 正式跌破支撑而形成假讯号也代表空头确立!而就是我称为的黑色星期五;之后所发生的事情就是我们所见到的崩盘。坦白说,一连7 天收黑还跌了将近50 点,如果这个不是空头,什么才叫做空头?而且今天的KLCI 收盘还直接跌破支撑线。

Gold? Still rose until today! So, I believe the foreign investor is really amazing, pull up KLCI a bit, buy short options, then use the big event - BREXIT - in this month to make the market collapse, then earn from gold & options. So, I am learn from this incident, if wanted to become the top analyst, then is a must to conduct a comprehensive analysis to all the financial market, so that a bigger picture can puzzled in the financial market. 

而黄金呢?就一直连续涨到今天!所以,我相信外资真的好厉害,先拉KLCI 涨一点,部空KLCI期权, 然后利用这个月的题材 - BREXIT - 来杀个片甲不留,大赚黄金和期权。这次的事件让我领悟了一样东西,如果要成为一个顶尖的分析师,就必须要对所有的金融市场进行全面的分析,这样才能够拥有一个全球金融市场的大图像