UEMS (5148) - UEM SUNRISE-ing

Observed from weekly chart, a rebound is happen after a level of decline, then entering long-short combat zone, it is very difficult to find a direction within this range, so waiting is the only thing can be done; until breakthrough the resistance and a significant long signal is appears.

Today UEM SUNRISE breakout and stand steadily above the resistance line, long is established, resistance turn into support, I predict the first target price is 1.20 so far, and 1.15 is the next resistance. So, whether UEM SUNRISE is sunny now? Then let the market tell me the answer!


今天UEM SUNRISE突破而且又站稳压力线之上,多头确立,压力变支撑,目前预测的第一波涨幅大约1.20,而1.15 就是下一个压力。UEM SUNRISE是否从此阳光普照?就让市场告诉我答案吧!

UEMS (5148) - UEM SUNRISE-ing