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United States Non Farm Payrolls NFP

United States Non Farm Payrolls NFP

United States Non Farm Payrolls NFP is one of the largest foreign exchange news, published once a month.

NFP is an influential statistic and economic indicator released monthly by the United States Department of Labor (such as Manufacturer and Services) as part of a comprehensive report on the state of the employment situation.

Non-farm payrolls data: it refers to the US non-farm employment, non-farm payrolls and unemployment data.

Data Good: Description on economy improvements
Data Poor: Description on economy deteriorations

The data is usually published on the first Friday of each month for the US Department of Labor for released.

A non-farm payrolls data messages are also very concerned by the gold investor.

2016 United States Non Farm Payrolls NFP Calendar:

January: 8 Jan 2016
February: 5 Feb 2016
March: 4 Mar 2016
April: 1 April 2016
May: 6 May 2016
June: 3 Jun 2016
July: 8 July 2016
August: 5 Aug 2016
September: 2 Sep 2016
October: 7 Oct 2016
November: 4 Nov 2016
December: 2 Dec 2016

Malaysia time 20:30 (Daylight Saving Time) or 21:30 (Winter Time)

USA 1 Nov 2015 – Daylight Saving Time ends
USA 13 Mar 2016 – Daylight Saving Time start
USA 6 Nov 2016 – Daylight Saving Time ends

How to trade in United States Non Farm Payrolls NFP?