We are born to be killed

For life, we are born to be killed by sickness, by ageing, by accident, by disease, by earthquake, by tsunami. As it nature, therefore unavoidable. We can slow down the process, at the end we will also to be killed.
In the stock market, syndicate always created a group of people to be "killed".
To avoid to be "killed" instantly, we need value investing. Value investing can bring you happiness, reduced your worry at the same time keep you healthy.
Beside Fundamental Analysis (FA),TA (Technical Analysis) is your health check as well. TA for me is a sensitivity analysis, it able to detect something which public still unaware e.g. better or bad financial performance, company new profitable project, right issue, bonus issue, etc. Market always has a group of people able to reach certain confidential or unrelease information, therefore they will slowly sell or buy. TA will able to detect their movement as it sensitive enough to reflect it and trigger it. Anyway, TA can be fake making as well, especially for syndicate use it to attract buy or sell.
In the stock market we have a choice.