When it comes to Investing, Keep it Simple Stupid! 10 Things You can do today!

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” — Leonardo da Vinci.

Einstein’s famous quote — “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.”

“Nature is pleased with simplicity.” — Isaac Newton.

Three famous quotes by three famous men. The message is to keep things simple in business and life. The same goes for the stock market. We need to keep stock investing and trading as simple as possible as complexity can cause big problems to us.

10 Things You can do today to keep things simple stupid!

1. In the stock market just stick with stocks. Period. Don't think about investing or trading warrants, options and ETFs ..these are for professionals. Remember to keep things simple stupid, and stocks are the most simple stupid things of investing.

2. Only invest/trade stocks, keep away from Forex, as its' a manipulated legalized scam as this article I posted here shows.

3. Only invest in stocks where the business is simple to understand ie. a good example would be the boring stocks. Keep away from stocks with ultra complex businesses. They are HIGH-RISK games in the sense their fortunes could change drastically if the economy changes a little.

4. Keep away from CFDs and spread betting, its another manipulated gambling casino-type of business. 

5. Always invest/trade with cash you have and never use margin to invest or trade, as margin will cloud your judgement and make you greedy.

6. Never trade oil, gold and CPO. They are another manipulated market where MR BIG MONEY controls the prices and all the news.

7. Stay away from the high tech sectors. These businesses are difficult to predict their future prospects... Wonderful today gone tomorrow. 

8. Use simple stock trading strategies. And stick to a few that works for you. Be faithful to your strategies and they will reward you.

9. There is no need to trade/invest every day or every week. If market is bad, do nothing. Btw doing nothing is a stock strategy too! Keep things simple stupid and stay healthy ok.

10. Lastly, stay in Bursa Malaysia lah, focus to be jaguh kampung lor. If in Singapore focus on SGX lah. Opportunities to make money are plentiful. I know some people are saying to you let's shift to foreign markets like Hong Kong, US markets, etc.. but believe me, home is the best!