YTL (4677) - Technical Analysis June 2016: YTL (4677)


Observation from Chart:-

YTL is heading retest RM1.69 strong resistance level.

How about this round, will it breakout & go higher?

Other indicator:-
MACD trade at positive region, uptrend sign.
Stochastic %K on BUY call itinerary.

Immediate resistance @ RM1.67 level.
Subsequent resistance @ RM1.69 level.

Immediate support @ RM1.58 level.
Subsequent support @ RM1.55 level.

If able breakout the strong resistance, higher high is formed.
Potential kick off another wave of bull run.

Let's watch closely.

YTL (4677) - Technical Analysis June 2016: YTL (4677)