5 Reasons Why You Should Stay Invested in Stock Market


1. Updated to Local Development

When you invest in stock market, it becomes a natural reflection for you to keep an eye on what is happening in Malaysia. You will spend time on studying those listed companies that you are interested from various sources. In between, you will definitely come across news and highlights made by investment banks or other people who also invests in stock market on other companies. This allows you to be kept updated not only to those companies that you invested in or interested on, but also the latest development in Malaysia. You will get to know which company is in charge in the new property development nearby your neighborhood, you will get to know why a company has initiated retrenchment scheme after looking at their past few quarter reports and you will get to know which company is a monopoly in a specific sector.

2. Sensitive to Global Issues

When you invest in stock market, you realize that market is a place that is sensitive to many global issues, especially those that are related to political and financial activities. You know that all that have profound impact on stock market. A recent example is the EU referendum that led to Brexit. This issue has been covered by many newspaper years ago, but if you had not invested in stock market, you may only come to realize that is such thing as Brexit few weeks ago or perhaps after you read news on David Cameron’s resignation. You should aware that these kinds of development do not only affect global economy, but does have direct or indirect impact on our daily life. When you make yourself sensitive to all these, you can get yourself ready much earlier for possible positive or negative outcomes. If you are working in a company which mainly focuses on the UK, you would have already started to think of your future.

3. Fund also Invest in Stock Market

Perhaps you have heard people claim that stock is high risk, invest in fund is safer. The truth is fund manager also invest your money in a bucket of different listed companies. Since your money will eventually go to stock market, why don’t you do it yourself, where you can select the company you really like to invest? You can trade by yourself and keep all record with you, without the need to pay for fund managing fee. Of course, you need to have knowledge to do so, and this is why we are here to assist you.

4. Career Development

This may sound confusing for many, but the reality is when you invest in stock market, you will pay attention to various types of company. In between, you will definitely come across some company that is in the same sector with your work. If you happen to be working at a company with an average performance with mild expansion, you might as well look into other similar company that could potentially offer you better career development. For small business owner, you can even identify your potential partner to work with from stock market.

5. Expose to First Hand Market Sentiment

You may have read about news on many banks have initiated retrenchment scheme for their employees. There are traits before this actually becomes real where you can spot it in stock market. A constant decline in profit for past few quarters and a drop of share price provides you clue on the future of a certain sector. Similarly, when you find many companies suddenly all wanted to step into a certain sector, it signals you that sector may be undergoing a booming now.

If you are reading this article and felt motivated, don’t hesitate anymore. Start your investing journey with us now!