Discover The Single Biggest Enemy To Your Success And Steps To Eliminate That Enemy For Good

Discover The Single Biggest Enemy To Your Success And Steps To Eliminate That Enemy For Good

If there’s one question starting entrepreneurs ask themselves the most–the one question that is guaranteed to make you your own worst enemy–it’s this: “What if this doesn’t work?”

My predominant thought before I became what most people would call very, very successful–my big mental enemy, was a lack of confidence. Even though outwardly I showed that I was confident, inside I was constantly asking myself, “What if this doesn’t work?”

But you see, why would I have confidence when I had not proven that anything I was doing worked yet? Everything I touched turned to sh*t.

However, I didn’t understand confidence at the time. One thing about confidence is that confidence comes from trust, and trust comes from experience. Since the word itself comes from the Latin word Confidero, which means to trust, who do you have to trust? Yourself.

In order to trust yourself, you have to gain experience, and in order to gain experience you have to do things over and over and over until you’re not even thinking about it anymore.

But even more so, confidence comes from a positive experience…validation that the repetition is worth it. My problem was I had a lot of negative experiences, which is why I went into everything without a lot of confidence.

Here was the problem, and this is true of anything in life: I was just focusing on the outcome. The long view. Where I wanted to be. Where wasn’t I looking?

Right ahead, right in front of me. Confidence comes in little steps, little improvements. A little progress creates a lot of confidence. You don’t create confidence by winning the Super Bowl on day one. You create confidence by having a good practice. You create confidence by winning the next game.

You create confidence by having a small success in your life. Then another, and another, and being prepared to weather the inevitable setback.

For me, because I was only looking at the Super Bowl, it’s either I’m a millionaire or I’m not successful. Well, what about the way to the millionaire? What about the one, two, three, five, ten years it may take to get to be a millionaire?

If you’re only happy and successful when you become a millionaire you’ll have trained yourself that you’re unsuccessful all during that time.

Here’s the rub, folks: When you become a millionaire, you’ll be one who has trained him or herself that, for most of that time, they were unsuccessful, so they’ll still feel unsuccessful. By that point it became a habit.

Success is an accomplishment of a specific intention or goal.

Keep it to a minimum. I used to think that only if I was rich, that means the business was a success. Well what a crappy way to live that was. The reason it sucked is because it doesn’t all come at once. Just as you can get rich quickly, you can get poor quickly, too. I never thought to count my little progress as success.

When you do, here’s what happens. You start to engrain and teach your brain, “Hey, I’m a success.” The monkey-mind is going to try and prevent that from sinking in by saying, “Well, that wasn’t a big thing.”

You, from your higher self, respond saying, “Thanks for sharing. That was big enough because that’s the exercise.”

The exercise is not to do big things. The exercise is to be successful at little things.

In fact, an easy exercise I invite you to try is to start keeping a journal of daily small intentions you intend to manifest…remember, small. So for example, “Today I’m going to walk/run/jog X amount of meters, yards or whatever.”

You write it down and do it–knowing that it was something that you can manage–come back to your journal and write, “Success.” Something’s going to click in and try and tear that down by saying, “Why are you all excited by that? That was nothing. ” Don’t buy it. That’s our programmed brains telling us to play it safe. If you buy into that, it’s almost guaranteed that you won’t be successful at anything.

Keep on looking at the journal. All you see is successes. Now how can you say, “I’m not successful,” when all you see are successes? You’re training your brain that you are successful, which means you’re increasing your confidence.