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Quick update.

Bought Fibon stock recently at share price RM0.555 or RM0.55 couldn't remember. It announced a good result. PE ratio about 11 or 12 times. But cash is half of the share price. Take out all the cash, the PE ratio is 6 times only. But if adjust for loss in bank interest earned, maybe is 7.

Dividend normal.

Few years ago bought Imaspro due to huge cash, sold after 5 years at about 100% gain. Not impressive because Imaspro's profits were up and down. Compounded about 15% return a year, add dividend is about 20%. Not bad also.

Now bought Fibon because Uncle Lim said is good got growth potential. Since the balance sheet and result are okay, went in immediately. Hopefully will perform better than Imaspro, no need to wait 5 years to achieve 100% gain plus dividend.

Few weeks ago also bought KESM after recommended by Uncle Ben. I think currently gain about 15% now.

For core stocks, added more JHM, EG and Vitrox. OCK waiting for it to break RM0.845 and then will buy more and sell part of it for short term and the balance hold.

I saw OCK and Vitrox have some positive news in Focus Malaysia news.

Few months ago I also tried this Tek Seng on their potential solar expansion. Later see how.

Newbie bought Liihen stock at share price RM3.0x. I have told him no need to keep adding new stock, can add an existing stocks. Maybe he forgot or didn't know what I was talking or maybe he feel adding new is better. So let it be.

He said he doesn't want to sell Gtronic stock although losing a lot. See first.

His Gadang shares loses steam. Announced good result, jumped up, but few days later dropped.

That's all for today.

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