GAINVESTOR "Ride The Wind" Investment Sharing Session

After a few days of designing the Gainvestor logo, seeking advices and comments from my girlfriend and my friends, with the assistance from my friend to further enhance the logo in the photoshop. (My friend, Mr SmokerBamboo is a talented photoshop editor, feel free to visit his blog page You will be amazed by his editing skills and creativity.) And ta daaaaa... Finally it's done. 
This is my 51th post. And this 51th post marks the birth of my logo, hope we can learn more, invest together and gain more~
Gainvestor Logo & Slogan: Learn Invest Gain
The logo is actually a yacht, it travels across the ocean by riding on the wind. (It might be hard for you to notice, but if you notice the yacht, thank you^^ haha) And it fits my theme of Wind Rider- Gainvestor. And the yacht is actually made of 4 letters, which is G, A, I and the N is the base of the yacht. For me, the most important is we should LEARN, INVEST and GAIN.
Investing is not always about winning money
Investing is not necessary always a win-win game. There are times we will face losses. There was a saying, 80% of the people is losing in the market while the remaining 20% is earning in the market. In my opinion, when i lose money, there are some other people is winning from me; when i m winning, some people out there is giving me the chance to win. So, it is a cycle. As long as we can manage the risk, maximizing the 20% and lowering the probability of the 80%, we should be doing fine in the market.
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My blog analysis is done based on facts and figures
I always talk based on facts and figures as you can see from all my previous posts. I also quote the source where did i gather the information. Any assumptions made are based on credible sources. Like you and me, we are all retailers. The things you see and the things i see are similar. The moment when you have the latest update or news, is probably faster or the same time as me. So there are not much difference between you and me. We are merely retailers and we are easily manipulated by the big sharks in the market. 

Combination of Fundamental, Technical and Projection Analysis
Fundamental Analysis gives us comfort level about the history background of a company. How they had been operating previously? Is the company's balance sheet in healthy condition?  Technical Analysis can help us to decide our entries and exits. Chart can somehow predict what is happening and what will be happening in the near term. It will be more accurate if the chart is aligned with the volume. Projection Analysis is a theme-based investment strategy. We perform assumptions based on future prospects and projected earnings that we can extract from the annual reports, quarter reports, newspaper reportings and also blogs. Projection Analysis should also be aligned with the Fundamental Analysis and also Technical Analysis. Even with all the analysis we have (FA + TA + PA), it can go wrong also. There is no such thing as perfect tool or analysis in investment.
Knowledge will take you to a higher level
The elements that vary among every investors are the attitude and the knowledge. Investing is about making decisions. In order to make good decisions, knowledge is required. We need to be resourceful and seek for knowledge. With internet, we can easily access all the information only if we take action. I believe knowledge can assist us in making better choices and decisions. Whether the decision made is a good or bad one, it will depend on Mr Market to tell. There is no point of arguing or criticising others. Mr Market will reveal it. Market consensus is another factor we should be considering when we are making decisions. Decision comes together with a strategy plan (Plan A, Plan B, Plan C, etc...). Once a decision is made, we need to manage our decision disciplinely. Try not to be disturbed by the noise from the market. Go with your own comfort level and flow with your own consciousness. Be discipline. The reason you sell will be the reason you buy.
Perform your own analysis before you invest
Our decisions, our responsibilities; Once decisions are made, we are responsible over the outcome. That is why i emphasize on it. 自己负责自己的决定,自己的决定自己负责。 We, as human beings, tend to listen to what we like to hear. If the topic is not favourable to us, normal reaction is we do not want to listen. And normally human likes to stick together with those who have the same opinion as us; to seek for people to agree with our statements. If later someone proved the statements are wrong, we tend to blame each other. That is what is happening in our investment world. We always seek those who have the same opinion as us, and we will look for something to be blamed if something went wrong with our counters.
Morning: Working; Night: Studying
Investing is not my primary job. I am not a full time trader. I am currently working in a multinational company with 3 years of experience. I am very passionate about investing and spent my after-work hours reading and doing researches. That's normally how i spent my time. If i can do it, why cant you learn a new knowledge? Be resourceful. We must know what are the information required and where can we find the credible sources. Investing is a tool for me to learn extra knowledge and i hope to gain some passive income through investing. Knowledge itself is a kind of blessing. Investing emphasize a lot on comfort levels. How do you define the comfort levels? It's subjective. I talk with figures and work out with facts. Facts, figures and life time experiences are my comfort levels. Our life is full of stocks. In our daily life, the food we drink, the car we drive, the smartphone we are using... all of these, can be opportunities for us if we have adequate knowledge. So let's utilize our time and start to invest in a knowledge!
Me in the future if i do not ACT now
The reason i am into investing is because i am preparing for the future. As a Gen-Y, i found it's very challenging and will be more challenging in the future. That's why i need to equip myself with knowledge to face the future. I do not want to lag behind. I want to go ahead first, thats why i start learning investing early. There are typically 3 types of person. One is always complaining, complaining about the rising cost, burdens and debts. One is just neutral, accepting the fact that they are coming, and they just need to face it. The last type or person is opportunist, always finding ways  to benefit from the life and ride the wind. Start EARLY! Take ACTION NOW!!!
Gainvestor "Ride the Wind" Stock Investment Sharing in Sibu(3 & 4 Sept), Miri(1 & 2 Oct) and KL(5 & 6 Nov)
Again, I would like to take this opportunity to gather those who are interested in learning a new knowledg, stock investment. I will be sharing my Fundamental Analysis, Technical Analysis and Projection Analysis. Do not be afraid if you are a beginner. As long as you have the desire and the hunger to learn, i will not disappoint you. You can always refer to my stock picks and determine whether my wind riding investment style suits you or not. (My report card for 2015: October, November & December; My report  card for 2016: JanuaryMarch.) I will be preparing another poster with more information about the sharing session. Stay tuned.
Let's not talk about the profit and loss, let's just talk about investment analysis and interests. If you are interested, or you have any queries or comments, you can always drop me an email at or you can communicate with me through FB messenger at Gainvestor10sai. I truly appreciate all the feedbacks, no matter good or bad. I believe, in order for me to be better, i will accept all of the criticisms and comments. There are too many things i want to share also. If you like to know me more, you can refer to my previous posts. From there, hopefully you can know what type of person i am.
If you are interested to learn more on investing knowledge, you are always welcomed to join. If you want to go FAST, go alone. If you want to go FAR, we go TOGETHER! Together, we take the road not taken. The more we LEARN, the more we EARN...

I think all of us deserved an investment knowledge, give yourself a chance, and also give me a change. What say you?
Let's Ride the Wind and Gainvest
Gainvestor 10sai
7 July 2016

P/S: I will removing all my target prices in the next coming posts to avoid any misleading thoughts. Even though i had put a disclaimer that this is not a buy or sell call. But maybe my action is misleading. I would like to apologize if i had misleaded or misguided you. From the next post, i will not share my target prices.