How to make good profit for us who do not know how to forecast

Recently I read an article, and it reminds me that I have written something on stock allocations. Interested, here,
This is where I think they have higher chance of performing. TGuan, JHM, OCK stocks are on paper gain. EG I think is on slight paper loss. Superln and Vitrox stocks slightly higher than my cost.
This is the stocks that are quite stable and pay good dividends. Some are with some growth potential. PBBank and LPI are bought by my family member, and I don't want to sell it yet, after so many years.
These are the stocks that I think have some potential, but due to price valuation, uncertainties, etc, the confidence is not that high.
Bison (just sold this, will buy again)
Hwang (waiting for my money)
This are the stocks that I think the share price will not move up much but still keep due to various reasons. Actually I have a lot of dogs, but the value is too small and not worth mentioning.
Johotin (just sold)
Matrix (just sold)
Recently I have cleared almost all my stocks in one of my accounts and I'm gonna stop using that account. Out of curiosity, I accumulated all the realized gains and realized losses and put it into a graph. Total 481 trades in that account. 
Analysis based on the graph.
It is not measured by time, because I did not record the time. It is by all the sale done.
The value is not the absolute money terms, but is a multiple of the money made/lose.
It is not a reflection of performance, because it only measure the "realized" gain or loss, without unrealized gain/loss. But somehow unrealized gain and realized loss fluctuation are moving in tandem.
Almost all the stocks in that account have been sold. Current stocks are in another account.
The journey is also not a true reflection on the investing method, because few methods were used and there were buying and selling shares based on non-stock market reasons example at two occasions sold more than 80% of the shares in order to buy property.
It all started in 3rd quarter 2007 where I recorded down all my trades. 
Then due to the 2008 financial crisis, as expected I started to make losses. You can see already crossed negative.
Market recovered, as expected started to make profit.
This is the turning point where I started using Dollar Cost Averaging.
You can see I have patiently accumulated stocks from D to E, although not much profit. During this period I also tested out some trading methods which were not so successful.
Sooner or later, the profit will come. 
From F to G, I was curious why so long only have slight increase of profit. When I take a look, it was again, losses from trying new methods. But overall still profit.
G is the Ringgit crisis where I started to buy export oriented stocks. From G to H, made from these export stocks and also sold off stocks that have been holding in order to clear all the stocks in the account.
What is unexpected?
From D to E, and from F to G. I thought I would have made but losses came from "testing" which I have forgotten. Regret in my testing? Not really. If I don't test, I may not know. Theory is simple, but put it in practical is hard. I also tested Dollar Cost Averaging, which turned out to be successful. If I did not test that, I may not be making money now.
From G to H. Ever since the Ringgit crisis and 1MDB issue, I thought I would not make money. Whatever I make also may be offset by the losses. But thank God that I managed to switch to export stocks. Furthermore, sold stocks that was holding long term and realized good profit.
Lessons Learned?
I did not go into detailed, and just look at the overall chart pattern. I dont know how to forecast, dont know technival analysis, how I can make consistent profits? The same things that I have learned :
1)Buy good fundamental stock. I think to make it clearer, buy stocks with good prospect and fundamental.
2)Keep buying, example Dollar Cost Averaging
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