KAREX (5247) - 康樂Karex 7月1日完成收购Pasante 英国保险套公司

We refer to Karex’s announcements dated 27 May 2016 and 30 May 2016 (“Announcements”) in relation to the Proposed Acquisition. Unless otherwise stated, words and phrases used in this announcement shall have the same meanings as defined in the Announcements.

The Board wishes to announce that the Proposed Acquisition has been completed on 1 July 2016. Consequent thereto, Pasante becomes a wholly-owned subsidiary of Karex.

This announcement is dated 4 July 2016.


之前的文告写说,此收购会对 30 June 2017财政年业绩带来正面的影响。《Karex 收购 Pasante Healthcare Limited 英国公司》

继续留着手上的Karex, 放长线钓大鱼,耐心守候。

来到2016年7月,歪歪股票组合的Karex 平均价RM1.80。





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KAREX (5247) - 康樂Karex 7月1日完成收购Pasante 英国保险套公司 

KAREX (5247) - 康樂Karex 7月1日完成收购Pasante 英国保险套公司 KAREX (5247) - 康樂Karex 7月1日完成收购Pasante 英国保险套公司 Reviewed by admin on 7/05/2016 Rating: 5
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