New Low : BENALEC (5190) AND SENDAI (5205)

dinner-date : I had a nice meeting with a reader ... a successful biz-man, who struggled since young!! Will write more about that ...

Benalec @ 43cents

Benalec : Weekly chart showing we are 70% down from the peak.

Benalec ...  daily chart showing today it registered a NEW LOW at 43cents. No more land to re-fill, I guess.

Sendai @ 45 cents

Sendai ... dropped 70% from the peak ... don't hope that it will recover back to that peak, ok?

Sendai ... gapped down today, breaking into new LOW.

There are many more at low or nearing to the historical low prices. Do not catch.

I m very tired ... time to zzzz. Night


New Low : BENALEC (5190) AND SENDAI (5205)