Stocks To Watch on 20/7/2016 - TEKSENG (7200) & SUPERMX (7106)

TEKSENG Daily Chart
Strong resistance of MYR1.29 was broke decisively and closed above this level in the latest session by TEKSENG (7200) with huge increased in traded volume.
The next target for TEKSENG to look for is the historical high of MYR1.43.
SUPERMX Daily Chart
SUPERMX (7106) seems reluctant to touch the strong support at MYR1.93 in the recent trading session indicating a consolidation phase is taking place and might seek to change movement direction from bear to bull.
Should changing of direction takes place, the next targets for SUPERMX to test is at MYR2.19 and the gap formed on 30/05/2016, which is MYR2.67.
**Can take a look on export counters like SUPERMX, LIIHEN, CHINWEL, etc as US dollar strengthened back.
Good luck and happy trading!
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