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As you can see from my previous posts, past few weeks made mistakes here and there. But I already have strike few gold and silver. And also have more experience in analysing (rather than waiting for analysts) and that will be good for my long term investment.

Nobody like to lose if it is important. I also don't like losing money, but if this is the risks that I have to take, I will take it provided I can limit my losses.

On an average, I don't think for the past few months I lose because I strike some gold and silver. Maybe made less.

Sold some RM3.9x and RM3.8x for portfolio adjustment. PE is not low, result normal only. Loss on the cost RM4.00/RM3.9x but gain on others as my first entry was RM3.4x, kept adding. Average I think RM3.5x. Also due to Dollar Cost Averaging, buy more quantity when price low.

EG stock.
Result normal. Growth potential still there and PE ratio is low. Will be listing their Thailand unit soon. As I study more and more, couldn't wait and purchased more. Now want to cut some. Not that it is not good, but for portfolio management.

KESM stock.
Entry at RM5.xx and added RM6.7x and added again RM8.1x. Will add again, see their quarterly result how.

JHM stock price.
Result good. First entry RM0.7x and added all the way to RM1.4x. Up 100% already.

Current EPS X 4 the PE ratio is 10 times, not high. The current JHM profit is without their future expansion into aerospace market and without significant Japan and Europe markets. Once in, good time ahead.

Also plan to transfer to Bursa Main Market in 2018. Excited about this. All info I have gathered without analyst's report.

Fibon stock.
Cost RM0.5x.Will add one more round if no other choices. About half of the price is cash.

Maybe I have not shared this Opensystem before. Entry for Open System RM0.2x, RM0.27 if I'm not wrong. Went up to RM0.40 and now came down to RM0.345. Growth is from banks' ordering of their 2 in 1 machines. Cash deposit and ATM machine together. What we see is ATM and also Cash Deposit. Later will be more 2 in 1 machines. May add more. PE not cheap.

TGUAN stock
Nothing much to say. Just hold on.

Oldtown stock.
Not mine, Newbie. Growth from coffee packets and overseas market are there, but may drag down by local outlets. Many foreigners working in their kopitiam. Up to newbie whether to buy more, sell or hold.

IQGroup just hold on. Will not add.

Added AWC at RM0.8x. Entry was RM0.38x. Another of my stock 100% up, but now drop to RM0.745.

Also added AirAsia stocks at AirAsia share price of RM3.0x. Entry RM2.7x. It seems everyone also trade AirAsia stock. I also join the bandwagon, many analysts also recommended buy with AirAsia target price fair value of RM3.18 to RM4.65, with the exception of Public Bank target price fair value of RM2.50. My entry was late, higher price. Same as Airasia air ticket, buy earlier cheaper.

Forget about Supermax.

DKSH stock.
Starting buying DKSH stock, entry RM5.1x and RM5.4x. I know my entry is a bit high, but it just jumped up giving me no chance.

See what the company said....

The  Group  continues  to  take  a  positive  outlook  on  2016.  Market  conditions  are  relatively stable.  Costs  remain  stable  and  no  major  expenses  or  infrastructure  upgrades  are  planned  in 2016  as  the  infrastructure  has  now  been  put  in  place  to  support  the  growth  currently  being experienced.  Revenues  will  continue  to  be  below  prior  year  due  to  the  change  in telecommunications  client,  however,  revenues  for  existing  clients  are  expected  to  continue  to grow. The  client  and  customer  portfolio  remains  well  diversified  and  supported  by  a  strong  sales, marketing  and  distribution  infrastructure  with  a  capillary  distribution  reach.  With  a  scalable business  model,  the  Group  offers  a  comprehensive  portfolio  of  services  along  the  entire  value chain,  customized  and  tailor-made  to  clients’  specific  needs.

Furthermore,  operational  risk management  processes  and  controls,  supported  by  an  industry  leading  IT  system,  continue  to support the existing businesses as well as new clients.  Two  market  trends  additionally  support  a  positive  medium-to-long-term  outlook  for  the  Group. Firstly,  the  growing  middle  class  in  Malaysia  supports  the  demand  for  consumer  goods  and healthcare  products.  Secondly,  manufacturers  increasingly  focus  on  core  competencies  and seek specialized service providers in order to grow the market for and with them.

No hurry to add. As they add more products to their list, more profit. Previously they have spent on relocation and others, moving forward is the time to harvest. Coming quarters may not be good but subsequently will be clear sky ahead.

My plan is to add JHM, KESM (depend on result), Fibon, Opensys (maybe), DKSH, and further study on AWC.

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