This week added more EG stocks. This probably will be the last purchase for the time being unless they announce a very good result and the EG share price doesn't move much.

Super expensive Nasi briyani and Yong Tau Foo. Actually is not Yong Tau Foo, is Chee Cheong Fun. Both look the same. As mentioned earlier I bought SCGM stock was due to Nadi Briyani and Chee Cheong Fun. It dropped almost 20% from my purchase price ! The nasi briyani and chee cheong fun are so expensive! Price drop could be some negative news on the cost. Similar stocks also dropped, SLP and ULICORP

MMSV stock result is good, I think is the same LED industry as JHM stock. Hope JHM result also will be good.

Vitrox announced result, normal. They had analysts briefing on Friday, so see whether got any reports or not.

Continue his journey.

4 months ago Newbie sold DRBHCOM, cut loss. But now up 30% from the price he sold. Sometimes these things happen. You didn't buy, it goes up. You bought, it comes down. You sold, it goes up. You didn't take profit, it comes down.

Recently he also sold GUH at RM0.7x and GTRONIC at RM2.8x at huge losses.

These things will happen. But we must look at the bigger picture. His overall portfolio still looking strong, profit. Some of his stocks are performing well recently, example Gadang, MFCB and Mitrajaya. Three stock hit 100% gain, or almost 100%, example Caring, Harbour and TGUAN-WA.

We must remember he is still young and learning. Many people will say lose money in stock market consider paying tuition fee. If individual stock, yes, he lose on some and pay tuition fee. But his overall portfolio is profit, no need to pay tuition fee, and can get pay from stock market.

I have told him try not to keep adding new stocks if could not find good one. Recently he bought new stock LiiHen at RM3.0x, and more Mitra at share price RM1.4x and EG RM0.8x. Added Mitra because announced good result, EG is because the lowest PE ratio in his portfolio and with growth potential.

His Mitra, Harbour, Oldtown and Gadang are making gain, I don't have these stocks. Market is big enough for us to make money from different stocks.

That's all for now.

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