Penny-stocks in play?

Morning ... it is 10am. Not feeling so well for 2-3 days, coughing.

coffee-dates : I have few coffee-dates done for past 2-3 weeks and many more I have not find the time to update here. Will summarize and share here few good pointers. This is to record (my blog of 8 yrs is my trading-adventure ... a trading journal, people I met, things I m doing etc) the pre-crash of market ... so, people I met to discuss about the preparation I have done and what they are doing ... to prepare for the ... C-R-A-S-H.

Personally, I do not see crash in 2016. We shall wait and see ... those screaming crash since 2013 are still screaming bear. But ... we are nearer now.

This is ACE-index ... the recent PEAK was around AUG-SEPT 2014 ... there was an euphoria situation ... trading volume was at PEAK HIGH (historical HIGH) ... that was the time many retailers buying into ACE or PENNY.

This is KLCI chart ..showing we PEAKed around JUNE-JULY 2014 ... then, frenzy buying into PENNY and ACE began.

Sumatec peaked around 60cents ... at 19th AUG 2014. Too bad ... many greedy ignorant stuck inside her and trading below 10cents now.

You may do simple homework ... check on many PENNY ... that was the PEAK time.

At the moment, some pennies in play AGAIN ...

MMSV ran 200% to peaked at  3rd OCT 2014 before retracing ... but managed to go to new high due to good earning. It is play again ... following PENTA-trending ... by the way, Penta is no longer a penny ... as it is above RM1 now.

My penny-post will not be complete without mentioning about RETAILERS favourite lover ... KNM. They said she is related to O&G (haha) ... so, trading ABOVE RM1 ... peaked in AUG 2014 around RM1.10 level.

Today .... KNM @ 41cents level. SUPPORT at 39cents, break this level ... welcome to lower level ... new low. Blame it on the oil-price.

There ... KNM at support level ... if one is STUCK above, i will not recommend to average down but if one is not in position and for trading purposes, try to buy around 40cents then.

Time to move again ... classes @ noon  and Toastmaster meeting tonight ( I m quitting Toastmaster by Sept)