StockAlliance's Daily Stock Performance 08-Aug-2016

StockAlliance's Daily Stock Performance 08-Aug-2016
Our top 5 picks during the day(inclusive of daily pick and intraday trading pick):
1) DRB-C19: entry price 0.105 (entered 03-Aug-16) highest price 0.250 (138.10%)
2) DRB-C21: entry price 0.015 (entered 03-Aug-16) highest price 0.205 (95.24%)
3) MFCB-WA: entry price 0.465 (entered 05-Aug-16) highest price 0.610 (31.18%)
4) SEM: entry price 1.360 (entered 02-Aug-16) highest price 1.600 (17.65%)
5) CAREPLS: entry price 0.325 (entered 20-Jul-16) highest price 0.380 (16.92%)
(Source: StockAlliance Telegram)
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