This week updates. Added more JHM stock at JHM share price RM1.3x. Didn't buy when it was RM1.2x. Suddenly went over RM1.30, was thinking too late. Then I told myself if i'm willing to buy at RM1.2x, why not at RM1.3x. I'm not thinking to sell at 10% or 20% profit, will try to hold at much higher price.

Again and again!!!. No matter how many years I'm in the stock market, still have the emotion delay the buying when price is weak, chase to buy when the price is high. Many people lose money because of this. But if we invest in fundamental growth stock, we may not lose. We could be also entering at right timing due to momentum or trend. Nothing wrong or right in waiting and chase of fundamental is still there, just that in this case bought was more expensive by RM0.05 to RM0.10.

My first entry pricr was RM0.7x, I think most people would have sold.

Cut a bit of my OCK stock. It did not manage to break the RM0.845. Furthermore, I think I made some wrong decisions. I first bought OCK was very cheap, added more although PE ratio was not low but justified by growth. My cost was RM0.80 but after the bonus and rights, my cost was  RM0.4x. First I have forgotten about the bonus issue, then the OCK stock price went up 30% again after rights issue. I did not check the figures again and bought more. So now I cut a bit.

By the way, now just realised my OCK stock became another stock hitting 100% share price increase. OCK took about 3 years, probably less than 3 years, lazy to check the record.

I also added KESM stock at KESM share price of RM6.7x after recommended by Kenanga.

The first few days was losing, but on Friday the stock jumped up. The first entry was few weeks ago, up 20% already I think. Previously no reasearch report on KESM, but once the Kenanga report is out, it confirmed many things, so bought more.

Too bad did not add Supermax stock at RM2.00, now RM2.30. Still at loss. See how is their result first. Don't want to have another round of shock poor result.

Added EG stocks again. It seems I have been adding for few weeks already. This stock not moving at all. Maybe will move in middle of August? By the way, my actual prediction is the last 7 market days. The reason I put middle of August is to remind myself not to miss it.

I think my Tek Seng stocks can start to make good profit for me already. Tek Seng announced good financial result. See how the market will responds. Previously the price dropped on the first day of good quarterly result. Up or down, will add more Tek Seng on Monday.

My SCGM stock price dropped. Maybe is because of the private placement that will further dilute the earnings. Don't bother because the reason I bought was due to Nasi Briani and Yong Tou Foo as explained in my article one two weeks ago. If it up or drop a bit, will not buy more.

I also added TGUAN loan stock at RM4.2x. Read a lot of good comments, so just add a bit more. Not much confidence, hopefully good result coming. My first entry was years back, super cheap. But I did sold almost all. Maybe due to buying property, couldn't recall. Enter again few months ago, below RM3. Contra gain some also. Switched mother, loan, warrant, contra, sold some bought back. Quite complicated. But to summarise, bought mother very cheap few years ago, sold almost all, started to buy back loan stock few months ago below RM3.

Few months ago due to some changes, I have decided not to record all my transactions. Too time consuming.

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