Why You Are Not Afraid of Missing RM1.5 million profit

Many people just think of losing. But why not think of missing profit? When you buy, how much you will lose? 10%, 30%, 50%, 100%? But if you miss the boat, miss the profit, how much you miss? 30%, 50%, 100%, 400%? There is no maximum.

Anothing thing is, who say you will lose? I've been making money year after year. What is the secret formula? No secret, it is public known fact. The public known formula is buy good growth shares, keep buying, and dollar cost averaging.

Don't be afraid of lossing. Just think of job interview, you spend your parking fee, petrol, photo and time, not necessary they will hire you. Why you go for job interview?

Because job interview the loss is limited but the gain is much more. Same for stock market. Loss is limited but gain is unlimited.

Have no patience in stock market. Why send children for study while they only start working 17 years later? We have so much patience.

When you think of afraid of losing, think of afraid of missing profit too. Many could had missed out RM100k profit. For those older with high pay, maybe RM2 million, RM5 million?

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