ZELAN (2283) - ZELAN – A Penny Stock With Great Prospects

ZELAN (2283) - ZELAN – A Penny Stock With Great Prospects

Zelan looks like a penny laggard now with great prospects:

1) Already secured half a Billion Ringgit (Over Rm600 millions) projects in hand.

And more to come

2) Malaysia Registered an increase of Total Exports for 1H 2016. Good for all ports.

3) MMC is buying up Klang Ports & Penang Ports

4) And Rm18 Billions Expansion for PTP. PTP is already the Biggest Container Port in the world now.

5) All these bode well for Zelan future prospects in securing vital jobs as Zelan & MMC are closely linked.

6) And More Jobs Award from RAPID for Zelan possible.

7) Zelan might also win the upcoming New Johor Airport in Pontain.

8) And if TPP goes through expect Malaysian Exports to explode upward

9) Last time Zelan experienced bad debt due to the Crisis in Middle East. Now the jobs secured are mostly within Malaysia. So there is less risk of default in collections.

10) And since DRB, UEMS & others Govt Link Election Stocks Have Rebounded It Is Only A Matter of time for Zelan’s turn going into GE Year of either 2017 or 2018

From all rosy prospects Calvin thinks Zelan’s future is bright.

ZELAN (2283) - ZELAN – A Penny Stock With Great Prospects