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Yahooooo, is boring time again. After reading and looking at the stocks, the price will not move up daily.

No worries man!!!! One day without you reaalise, some have up 100% !!!!

The journey is boring, right? But the destination will make you siok siok.

Come come. Let us bore together. Is boring time.

Does it stand for ladies and gentlemen? Or land and general? In Focus magazines, it talks about the cash in hands are more than the market capitalisation of L&G stock. I que but I don't think it was done. Didn't check yet. But the problem is, will they give special dividend? If they use the cash to buy land it is just another property counter. I buy because hopefully there will be many buying interest coming, for short term, not really for long term. Didn't manage to buy also never mind.

Symphony stock.
In the Focus magazine, it mentions the company having a lot of unbilled sales, and profits are going be great soon. I will skip, but just in case many are interested.

Supermax stock.
Went in at RM2.1x. This is my second entry, first was RM3+. Many analysts recommended buy and the share price has dropped a lot. I'm also trying to ride on the Zika issue where more gloves will be used for blood testing.

Because Zika can have negative impact on prenancy, more may use condom. If gloves can be used as condom, then the potential will be great. Imagine one glove having 5 different sizes (5 fingers in one glove).

JHM stock.
They supposed to get thier aerospace supplier license in July but no announcement yet. It could be some delay. Once announced, hope it will provide some push.

Teck Seng stock.
There are many debate on this stock in the forum. Solartech Taiwan revenue dropped monthly. Some said have no impact on Teck Seng because Teck Seng is in Malaysia and not Taiwan, and tax and don't know what. Some said their expansion plan is delayed. Some said no worries.

AWC stock.
I have studied the company and some other articles, don't know what they are saying. Poor me, lazy person. I only know one line from the company, they said "The overall prospects for the entire group remain strong". I guess it will be strong. Recently there is news on contract delayed, so the price down a bit but has rebounded. I will not add because don't really understand thier model. They have many contracts that last 10 to 20 years. Good recurring income.

As appeared in the Edge last week that KBES may be appointed China bus distributor. Early this week bought at RM0.28x, immediately it went above RM0.30, but then soften and and closed at RM0.27. Make or lose, will sell this coming week.

Friday news confirmed that KBES Bhd’s wholly-owned Santero Sdn Bhd has been appointed as the sole distributor for Shanghai-listed Beiqi Foton Motor Co Ltd’s (Foton) products in Malaysia for 40 months.

Sole distributor of Foton’s diesel- and natural gas-powered buses and coaches, including spare parts for the purpose of direct sales to the end-users or sales to the authorized wholesalers and/or retailers in Malaysia.

Foton, which is part of the Beijing Automotive Industry Holding Co Ltd group, is an automotive player and largest commercial vehicle manufacturer in China, with more than US$4.77 billion in assets and 40,000 employees.

Fibon stock.
My next purchase will be adding Fibon shares. Not that it is the best, but it has lowest value in my portfolio of potential growth stock. Recently down, still above my cost. Before I could buy it rebounded nicely. Now is RM0.605.

AirAsia shares.
Not sure this Zika issue will have big negative impact on Airasia stock or not.

Thong Guan share.
In the news that they may tight up with Japanese for further growth.

SCGM stock.
Just announced recent, normal.

LBS stock.
Newbie's LBS share price recently went up 10%. Don't know what is happening.

Chinwel stock.
Prominent Uncle is promoting this stock. Some said when uncle promote, time to sell. But some even use vulgar words to defend uncle, saying he and his friends have benefited from uncle's recommendations.

CIMB stock.
Few weeks ago bought CIMB stock. Forgot the price but I think is having small gain now. Small quantity, not worth of mentioning in details. I don't like big company because they lack strong growth. But CIMB has dropped a lot, and value has emerged. So just try out.

GDEX stock.
I always wanted to buy this for many years, but the PE ratio is super high. Will be growing for the next few years.

That's all for the boring stuff.

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