Crude Oil WTI heading for US$36.00 a barrel

Crude Oil WTI (US$43.23)

Crude Oil (WTI) is forming its wave b of 4.

The current down trend is the mini wave 3 of iii of b. Hopefully wave b can end around US$36.00.

Dow (18,123)

Dow appeared to have completed its wave c of ii with 5 mini waves, unless wave c has 9 mini waves. I expect Dow to move higher to form its sub-wave iii.

FBMKLCI (1,652)

As I have explained in my previous posting, I have revised my wave count for KLCI based on the wave form of the Industrial Index.

KLCI is currently forming the last wave c of its major wave 4 that has an a-b-c-X-a-b-c formation.

Currently it is at its sub-wave iii of c of 4. Hopefully it can stop at 1,600 level.

Felda Global Ventures Holding Bhd (Rm 2.25)

Can FGV move above Rm 2.30 to start its mini wave 3 of v ? I am keeping my fingers crossed.