This is COASTAL ... a good company, actually. But ... unfortunately, stock price has rallied TOO huge during the O&G play ... I traded Coastal-wa previously .... during the theme play, I traded many O&G counters UP ... then, asked the whole group to EXIT when the trend turned and O&G game OVER.

Today ... I could not say anything much ... for those STUCK up there. I do not have the crystal-ball to know when O&G counters will find the bottom and rebound ... and rallied AGAIN. Even that ... with such remote chances, Coastal would not hit RM5 anymore.

What should we do? As much as the PAIN of REALITY is concern ... we have to MOVE ON.

CUT-LOSS ... reset ---- change the whole STUPID mindset (EFGHI was shared today in my trading group) ... CHANGE ... for your sake!!

Arguing with many would be fruitless and tiring ... so, I m not going into there ... so, save my breathe.

But ... when it involved your member, you friend ... you might get a little emotional.

It is hard to ask anyone to CUT LOSS .... huge losses. As I have many e-mail sent to me about their portfolio ... what can I say? SELL? No way ... later the stocks rebound, rally ... KLCI hit 2000 level ... OIL back to USD120 ... gosh ... I kena blamed.

What to do ... if you stuck into CHINA stocks, which most of us knew we should not trust their accounts. But, you are IGNORANT ... NEWBIE ... or STUBBORN ... how to help?

Sigh .... kek-si-lang.

No eye see ... let all decide. LEARN or continue to STUCK inside. CUTLOSS ... if no change, old habits will still STUCK inside. Guaranteed.

Market crash ... ?? sure STUCK more. Certain.

Have to jalan-jalan again ... off


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