DENKO (8176) - Denko Industrial Corporation (Rm 0.345)

DENKO (8176) - Denko Industrial Corporation (Rm 0.345)

Denko added 2.5 sens (+7.8%) today with high volume. Very likely sub-wave iii has started.

From its longer term chart, and if I am right, the current up-leg is the sub-wave iii of its wave (iii) of its major wave 3 of its mega wave (3).

In my 30th July article, my wave count for Denko was slightly different. I need  to modify my wave count to take care of the 5 sens drop in August which was caused by the poor quarterly earning of 0.44 sen a share. Its previous  quarterly earning was 1.45 sens.

To find out more about Denko and its venture in Indonesia click 'Bonescythe-Denko' for the article written article by Bonescythe. Denko's future earning is expected to improve.

Jeff Ooi

IGP Khalid said Jelutong MP Jeff Ooi should surrender himself or face arrest for his allegedly offensive tweet on the death of PAS leader Haron Din.

What has Jeff tweeted ?

The answer : "Adios Haron Din. May there be peace"

This incident remind me of Langkawi MP Nawawi's remark on his Facebook page just hours after DAP's Chairman Karpal Singh was killed in a road accident.

His Facebook page featured a collage of Karpal Singh bloodied body, coupled with an old news report quoting him as saying that an Islamic State would only be possible "over my dead body". And right next to the collage he wrote, "would anyone like to take on Karpal Singh's challenge? Please give your name. Hehe". I can't remember whether there was any comment/action from IGP.

DENKO (8176) - Denko Industrial Corporation (Rm 0.345)