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Dear editor(s) of TheVocket ... this is my blog. Welcome to my adventure.

As I m going to write a post for Vocket (in Malay) ... i do not know how to start. Yeah ... i contacted the 'admin' ... as i wanted to share my stories too. haha ... yes, how I changed my whole financial situation from year ... 2006 to 2016 ... yeah, I have married for 11 years now!!

Above is the picture of me ... lying there on pool-side, reading a book (Crash Profit) around 10am ... my usual relax time ... gym, swim or just lazying around ... reading. Yeah ... the Vockets and those reading, sorry Malay no good ... and many of my stories already shared in my blog here. I do not know how to summerise, i m sending you this post (the link), ok? Hope you do not mind reading my pages of blah-blah ... as i have blah-blah here for past 8 years, anyway.

Let me briefly start from 2005 ... I was still in KK (Sabah), teaching at Institute Sinaran with salary below RM4k. When I was single, without commitment ... I could still 'enjoy' as I do not think much about MONEY ... play bowling and using credit card to buy items I like!! I was a financial-IDIOT, I called it.

Year : 2005 ... no saving at all for rainy days ... in credit-cards debt (2 cards) but not too heavy. Still OK as I was single ... till I got married.

2005 : Married ... the cost killing me ... I have to borrow money from my mom and my aunts. Totally broken ... bankrupt but couldnt tell others ... wife understands, we went thru budget-kinda wedding.

My wife was expecting my boy ... we were staying at my in-law's back room. I started to read some financial books ... determine to change my financial situations. I have applied a new credit-card as I could not afford to buy basic items!! That bad ... still pain me to recall those moments ... 10years ago, still very fresh inside me.

One of the many books I read was by Azizi Ali's "Millionaire in me" (yellow cover). Today I would just buy the whole set of his books for collection ... good pointers by him. I read many ... Adam Khoo's too. So .. my 1st FINANCIAL mentor was BOOKS ... I read RDPD in 2005 ... and determined to change my E-quadrant into B-quadrant. Mind you ... I knew NOTHING about the financial ... or biz ...or investments.

I started my Keropok biz (for details : ). Failed there ... fine ... good lessons to fail. I was still having my full-time job teaching in the college while giving tuition (number increased .. popular dah as I m a very good Math tutor la).

I continued to educate myself ... MONEY IS EVERYTHING ... I never thought of it that way. Being a teacher, I m more concern about my students and what I m teaching --- MATHS. Not the money part as they said ... you do not get rich being a teacher, ok? Brought up to think that MONEY IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL ... I took my time to change my MINDSET ... to me, it is ALL about mindset. We need to change that ... but it will takes long difficult time .. a long journey to change our mindset, our views .... especially regarding MONEY.

I ventured into  investment after failed in my small keropok-biz (need to read my interesting keropok story la. haha) So, I chose stock-markets (KLSE)

So ... my stage 1 to change is : CHANGE OUR MINDSET .... about almost everything!! If we are not successful, there must be something wrong. ADMIT and CHANGE.

here is the link which I written before ... about my struggle at early stage.

YEAR 2005. How could I forgot?

The above is another link which I wrote after I met my ex-colleague (during holiday in KK, I came back to KL in 2010)

The above link is the summary of aspects in my life ... written back in 2011.

Hope this PART 1 would help you to find some pointers ... i know it is long (as I m cheong-hei = angin-panjang, in Malay).

In 2011 ... I was still teaching at Taylor's college ... just came back from KL (2010 Jan) and was planning to QUIT my full-time job, to open a tuition center ...

This is my dream ... in 2014, I quitted my full-time job to focus in my center ... 2015 I got the licence and officially operating now. It is near Asia-cafe SS15 ... recently, some 2 months ago, I opened second center!! Will elaborate on that in part 2 or part 3? haha

Let me know ... if you prefer to send me an interview questions so that I could answer ...

Thanks for reading.

For my 'new' Malay readers ... I do like Malay songs too ... share this one by Faizal Tahir. Hope all enjoy ...