TEKSENG (7200) 德成 - 又一宗“惨”案 TEKSENG

 TEKSENG (7200) 德成 - 又一宗“惨”案 TEKSENG

又一宗“惨”案 TEKSENG。希望你不是其中的受害者。


TEKSENG (7200) Staff Retrenchment.持有德成控股TEKSENG(7200)的股友们请注意!德成控股TEKSENG (7200)无预告大量裁员。

温心提示,请所有持有德成控股TEKSENG (7200)的股友们请注意,由TEKSENG所持有的50.69%的子公司TS SOLARTECH SDN BHD今天无预告地在下午2:15 p.m. 发出了裁员通知信,裁员的主要原因和详情并没有实际说明,但是涉及在裁员信里的员工主要是来至第四条至第六条的太阳能电池生产线,受牵涉的员工多达二百多名。由于裁员的原因目前还不清楚,所以笔者对此还是有所保留。由于TS SOLARTECH SDN BHD将于年尾从原有的七条生产线增添至九条生产线,但是以目前的情况看来不是很乐观,因此增加至九条生产线的目标将面临着一定的挑战。此消息将会如何影响股价最后还是要由市场来定断,因此大家要谨慎看待。
To all the shareholders of TEKSENG (7200), a major retrenchment has hit Tek Seng's 50.69%-owned subsidiary TS Solartech Sdn Bhd. Apparently, the sudden announcement of retrenchment has caused more than 200 employees out of job and most of them are belong to the production line 4 to production line 6 of the manufacturing of solar panels. During the year, the group is having a total of 7 production lines, of which three will be fully operational in September, and the group has mentioned that two more production lines will be added by end of 2016, which will increase the total number of lines to nine by end of this year. However, the retrenchment might result in plan delay or cancellations. I do not know how badly this news will affect the share price of TEKSENG, it's all up to MR.Market to decide.
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TEKSENG (7200) 德成 - 又一宗“惨”案 TEKSENG