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Past few weeks busy because was travelling. Quick update.

DKSH stock.
Suddenly the share price moved up. Market said they got contract from big multinational company P&G for Hong Kong. Not sure how it is related to DKSH. I added more.

Bonia stock.
Saw the recommendation but did not buy. Went up about 8%, missed the opportunity. The bosses have been buying and the company have completed many reorganisations.

Superlon stock.
Announced good result but share price dropped. This probably due to the price went up steadily before the result announcement and those who bought for short term are taking profit. I added more.

KESM stock.
Price suddenly went up. Those who sold RM7.50 after the result announcememt just few weeks ago may realise it was a mistake of selling. Now almost RM9. As mentioned in my post earlier, the result was actually not that bad but many people just threw and threw. Happy that my analysis was correct because this year started to do own analysis. Learning new things. No news why suddenly up.

Ekovest stock.
Some recommended on this because they are selling something big that will receive a lot of cash.

GBGAQRS stock.
Someone recommended this at RM0.95, immediately dropped to RM0.86 and now back to RM0.95. The PE ratio is low, price has dropped a lot and got some construction jobs coming. I skip this, not because not good, but too many stocks to read whether it is good or not.

Bioalpha Holdings Stock.
They took over Contant Pharmacy and help to distribute more of their products. Many plans are coming. I'm eyeing this stock, bought small quantity for a start. Now may not be the right time to buy because of execution risk. Bought because let it be in my portfolio so that can start monitoring. Probably after the rights issue. See how first.

Tekseng stock.
Initially they have many orders but I read news that customers cancelled orders so they terminated some staff that was meant for these orders. I sold all because lack of prospect, probably loss 15% on this. A loss is a loss but the damage is not too big because Tekseng was not big in my portfolio. And is only 15% loss. Some other stocks made almost 80% such as KESM and JHM so the damage is minimal. Was I wrong in investing in Tekseng? Some may say why I invested because global and solar bla bla bla. But who will know best on solar? You and me? Analyst? The company boss? SKL? The answer is the company boss. The company boss got it wrong, how am I without deep analysis be better than the company boss? I will classify this as one of those unexpected event rather than blaming myself for wrong decision made.

ICAP stock
Felt like those shareholders being disadvantaged. Past few years the fund is not performing, high proportion is cash and management fee is high. Nothing much the shareholders can do. Why don't they change management company. The company also don't want to do share buyback.

OCK stock.
Market news said Businessman Brahmal Vasudevan may have bought 3% of OCK shares. That's why the share price went up a bit. Now dropped back again.

Fibon stock.
At last added some.

Prolexus stock.
This Prlexus up slowly and steadily again and again. Fortunately I added some as mentioned in my earlier articles. They have some exicting developments next year 2017 where their joint venture, factories and facri mills start bearing fruits. This year Europe cups and Olympics may have pushed up their sales too.

Newbie added VS stock at RM1.3x.

Some quick summary.

LED later penetrate Europe and Japan automotive, and also the aerospace. Need Time. Price has tripled this year, probably may not go up fast.

Internet of Things. IoT.
More cars will have higher value of software inside the car, although car sales slow.
The boss said they are at the beginning of a great journey.
Price has doubled this year.
Past few days price jumped up again.

Good result.
Building new warehouse.
Penetrate deeper in some countries.
PE not high and divided not bad too.

So many reports said got potential but no result yet. Taking a risk here.

Good demand for their product. May have joint venture with Japan, but will be in the long future.
Price down recently. Still up 30% from few months ago.

Internet of Things. IoT
Price hardly move. Up then dropped back.

Their restructuring has been completed. Lost of major customer have been factored in.
Now ready to add in more products into their distribution channel.

Plenty of cash.
But lack of concrete growth prospect. Many may know the prospect but for me it is stil not convincing for big entry. Cash is a big support.
The boss said despite facing various general economic challenges, the Board of Directors of Fibon Berhad is of the opinion that the performance of the Group for the financial year ending 31 May 2017 will not be severely affected

Nike shoe.
Relying on major customer Nike.
2017 will see their joint venture, new factories in Vietnam and Johor starting to bear fruit.
But now price has move up slowly and steadily

Price dropped a lot.
Waiting for rebound.

Internet of Things.
A lot of long term, eg 5 or 10 years recurring income.
But very complicated, many segments, don’t understand their business / growth. That's why not going big.

Getting a lot of orders for their 2-in-1 ATM & Cash Deposit machine combined.

Opening of many MyNews stores. But price went up too fast before could buy more.

New market/products.
Start to manufacture some drugs.
Bought pharmacy Constant to help distribute their products.
Rights issue coming. May need to wait till the rights issue over first.

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