My last article on investment - Koon Yew Yin

Regular readers would have read my first buy recommendation on 23rd Sept under the title “Megasteel closure will benefit CRC players” and on 1st Oct I posted my 2nd article “You must know the company’s business before you buy its shares” in which I continued to recommend buy on CSC Steel.
During this period I have been buying CSC Steel and Mr Ooi Teik Bee also has been buying CSC Steel for me. I have bought more than 20 million shares. I will continue to buy as long as the company continues to report increasing profit.
In the same way, I have accumulated 102 million VS Industry shares and became the 2nd largest shareholder which you can see in its 2015 annual report.
I will only start to sell when I see that the company reports reduced profit in 2 consecutive quarters. 
But after having read the following comment by a really stupid idiot called “Investar” I need to write this last article to protect my integrity, sincerity and honour.

My advice is that “Investar” must look at a mirror and ask why he is still so poor. He cannot even see that CSC Steel is a fundamentally good stock to buy.   Now the whole world knows how stupid he really is.

I have decided to stop posting any more articles on investment to teach people how to make more money so as to avoid frustration and irritation.
Those who are interested can look at my own blog:
Now I can concentrate on giving away my money to help the poor people.