My latest buy recommendations

After I posted my last article on to say that I would not post any more articles on share investment, many readers who have benefitted from my teaching, requested me to continue writing. I will continue to post all my articles on my own blog: where everyone can read them.
Many of my followers would have bought Gamuda WE, Gadang and CSC Steel which I recommended. The following 3 charts show that they have been going up rapidly.
On 26th July 2016 , I recommended Gamuda WE when it was trading at Rm 1.10 and it closed yesterday at Rm 1.34, an increase of 24 sen or 22% in less than 3 months.
On 10th Aug 2016, I recommended Gadang when it was trading at Rm 2.59 and it closed yesterday at Rm 3.10, an increase of 51sen or 20% in about 2.5 months.
On 16th Sept I recommended CSC Steel when it was trading at Rm 1.88 and it closed yesterday at RM 2.18, an increase of 30 sen or 16% in about one month.
As you can see from the charts, they all have gone up so rapidly and you might be tempted to sell to realise some profit. I advise you not to sell because I believe they can go up much higher.