Some updates for my personal diary for myself .

JHM stock announced good result. Big jump from previous quarter. Although revenue dropped a bit from preceding quarter, profit improved due to better margin on product mix. I think short term may not have big push upward, medium term hoping for catalysts from i)new Europe and Japan market profits, ii)aerospace certification and iii)transfering to Bursa Main Market in 2018. The growth is still there, but may need some time. Made another 100% return from a stock and this stock will remain in my list. You can see that I will not take out the stock from my list if made 10% or 20% or even 100%. Make decision not base on %, but the PE ratio and future growth.

DKSH Holdings stock.
Result is bad and DKSH share price down. Few weeks ago I took off OCK and Vitrox from my list. I have forgotten about DKSH.
Poor judgement on DKSH was due to:
i)The guidance of better result from management was wrong. Weak demand recorded.
ii)Reference of good future from a popular blogger was wrong.
iii)I have forgotten to exclude profit from the lost of major telco customer many months ago, which will make the PE ratio high.
DKSH has been taken out from my list. Damages? Less than 10% because the first entry price was low.

Taken out from the list not because of the drop or recent profit, but there is no concrete future growth.

You can see that average down is good only if the future is good. And do not hesitate to take off the stock from our list.

Superlon stock.
Superln as reported saw KWSG emerged as a substatial shareholder.

Thong Guan stock.
TGuan recent result is good and share price has improved.

Some of the growth stories from The Star...
The company is projecting a “double-digit percentage” growth in its revenue and bottom line.

.....He said the strongest growing markets were now in the Philippines, Vietnam and South Korea. The company, he said, is getting strong orders from Japan, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

.......On the outlook for the first quarter of 2017, Ang said the group had received enquiries and orders for the new value-added products such as the nano-layered stretch film materials, stretch hood materials, and films for automatic-packing machines.

The future growth is still there, so TGuan stock will remain in the list.

Opensystem stock.
Opensys profit not good. Share price also down. I  did not manage to get the reason on why revenue up but profit down except that it was due to currency fluatuation. Will continue to monitor because the customers' orders are still a lot for the coming months.

KESM stock.
Result good but the share price very hard to cross the RM10 consistently. If it crosses, probably another 100% gain for me.

BioAlpha Holdings.
BIOHLDG result as expected, nothing. But it is more for the future after the rights issue. Rights issue has been announced and ex date coming soon. The company will use the proceeds from rights issue to grow.

Mega First Corporatiob Bhd.
MFCB result for me is expected, drop on existing business but made from new hydro plant construction. Not sure how market will react. Past few weeks MFCB share price dropped because of uncertainty after the US Election and the volatility of Ringgit and Bursa Malaysia. I saw high % of its assets are in USD so strong USD should not be a problem. Although the share price was hit badly, now it has recovered nicely.

If we look at MFCB-WA, the price has recovered and went up higher than before it drop.

It is still not too late for those who wish to sell their mothers/cars/houses to sai lang on MFCB-WA. When Chinese friends took me that someone no waist, no backbone and no brain, it doesn't mean that. No waist means the lady's waist is big. No backbone means lazy. No brain means stupid. Sell mother sell car sell house does not mean we sell. Sell mother means sell mother shares (underlying stock). Sell car sell house means invest more after we have sought consultation from Financial Adviser. For more info on MFCB, please refer to my earlier posts.

Also announeced result. No comment.

Old Town stock.
Result not so good. Newbie also doesn't know his Oldtown and other stocks announced result. I don't think he knows how frequent a stock announces result. But he still made good profit.

Once again repeated again and again. It is not difficult to make money from stock market as proven by the stocks sharing here for the past 6 years and Newbie's journey for the past two years. Upside is unlimited and downside is limited. Sometimes we made wrong decisions, but losses are limited.

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