TOPGLOV (7113) - The TOP GLOVE Script

TOPGLOV (7113) - The TOP GLOVE Script

Due to the uncertainty from global environment, better look at the daily trend to determine trend direction.
So, let me put my conclusion first, sideways in long term, but there might be a small earning in short term.

横盘整理的目的就是要突破层层压力线,以现在的走势来看,应该还要盘多一段时间才会有表态(确立突破压力线 5.50)。目前来说有短期压力和支撑分别在 5.34和5.06,如果是强势横盘那就会盘在5.06 之上,最理想的是围绕在A 线来做移动;反之,如果是弱势横盘,那么就会盘在 5.06 之下,而4.79 是关键支撑。

Sideways is to overcome all the resistance level, so it should need to have a sideways for quite some time to breakthrough the resistance at 5.5 if according from the current trend. So, the short term support and resistance is at 5.06 & 5.34 respectively; ideally, it should moving above the line A (or above 5.06) if it going to develop a strong trend, otherwise, it would be a weak trend. Anyway, key support is at 4.79. 

操作上,如果是看多,可以在5.06,5.12,5.20 这个价位布局,因为这个是第二阶段进场时机,短期目标大概5.70 附近;到达了后会遇到空头的强大攻击,压力变支撑,而5.50 就是强势支撑。所以,剧情就大概是这样了,至于会不会出现大行情,就等到突破了压力线时再来进一步的分析。
Operational wise, 5.06, 5.12 & 5.20 is a good buy-in position if go for long, then short term target is 5.70, but be aware of bear attack when reach the surrounding of the target price, then 5.50 is the next level support. 

Well, this is what I think for the TOP GLOVE trend, but let see how far TOP GLOVE can go further after it reach 5.50 successfully.
  1. A 线的由来,而为什么我会认为长期横盘,短期有小波段赚幅。
  2. 如果想要作多,5.12 是重要的多头支撑,理想是盘在A 线之上,如果跌破就是回到弱势横盘格局,关键支撑依然是4.79。
  3. 我个人保守认为最好是等到可以站稳在5.34,才做进场决定。

Below here is the updated analysis:
  1. How I define line A, and why I will think sideways in long term, but a small earning in short term.
  2. 5.12 is the important support for those who wanted go for long, and ideally the trend is moving above the line A. But, the weak trend still the same if break the support, and key support is remain at 4.79.
  3. Conservatively, I will think to enter when it stand above 5.34 steadily. 

Below here is the weekly chart.
Here is the original post.
TOPGLOV (7113) - The TOP GLOVE Script

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