DATAPRP (8338) - This is really your once in a life time chance!

DATAPRP (8338) - This is really your once in a life time chance!

I believe many are expecting me to write my next installment on the next coming Genting that I had spotted on, which is Dataprep. Here am I !!! I am not going to disappoint your urge and desire in chasing my next analysis and findings on Dataprep on becoming the next potential Genting.

Evolving Into

Before I would start, I would like to congratulate those who had took quick action on what is becoming to Dataprep after reading my piece of sharing and analysis in my previous 2 writings. I had featured Dataprep through "New Year, New Life, New Journey with the next Genting in making" and "Dataprep walking the talk and making the changes". It was a mere 15 cents overlook counter, which had now saw price appreciated to 20 cents in 2 days. As I had mentioned, anything below 20 cents is truly worthwhile and a blind buy decision. Now Dataprep is sitting at 20 cents, but will it stop here? I will show you 2 examples of my forecast later on why Dataprep will not stop here.

As you can see in this chart, Dataprep had risen sharply in the past 2 days, however, if you would ask me, I would say Dataprep could be ready to breach above RM 0.25 in the coming days. Why now? Why not earlier why I had mentioned before in 2015 ?

Yes, I agree that I had mentioned on Dataprep in 2015. That is the time where I had put this company into my monitoring list, and to see if the company is really doing any action on it. And of course to my delight, there are works being done and restructuring completed. That alone is a solid proof for me to pursue on Dataprep intensively since the "chef" inside Dataprep are ready to cook the meal now as well.

You could label my action as hard sell, or maybe you are kind enough to see the better side of my noble intention. But as a matter of fact, I did not come into Dataprep to make a recommendation when it is sky high. In fact, I make the effort to feature to you this potential company full of juicy development almost at the lowest point of the 10 years price, which is 15 cents!!! So did you see the difference of me and other "Gurus" around ?

In order to reinforce what I am saying, here I will show you 2 examples.

The first example is Pentamaster, where I had recommended when it is just a mere 27 cents in 30th May 2014. At that point of time, Penta is considered being in the lowest point of the starting of the uptrend. I saw the potential in Penta due to the rising need of use in the semiconductor industry. As facts speak for itself, today, Penta is RM 1.40.

The second example is MPI, recommended at 4th Nov 2013 at the price of RM 2.85. Similar to the case of Penta where I had forecast on an improving semiconductor industry, this company proves itself with a total cumulative dividend of 61 cents in the next 3 years and capital appreciation of 160%.

Just like my semiconductor industry forecast 3 years ago, now I am putting up my forecast on Dataprep going into Gaming Industry 3 to 5 years down the road from now on. If you had read my previous 2 analysis "New Year, New Life, New Journey with the next Genting in making" and "Dataprep walking the talk and making the changes", I would reckon that you are sure that I am not putting a blind bet in Dataprep as I have substantial amount of facts to support my forecast.

So now, I want to share with you where is the much potential "Gaming" site of Dataprep.

1. Vietnam

Yes, Vietnam is my first choice of pick. Probably you guys will be wondering - What ? Vietnam ? As a matter of fact, Vietnam already had 7 casinos and more than 50 electronic gaming facilities license nationwide, serving foreigners only, of which most of them are from China. If you are updated with the news and development in the casino industry of South East Asia, Vietnam is betting on the development of casinos to boost the country's tourism growth and make it more competitive against other tourism destinations such as Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines and Macau. (Source from Vietnam Investor Review - Vietnam betting on more casino)

According to the news, Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung had approved the development of tourism projects that include casino components on Phu Quoc Island in the southern province of Kien Giang. And to give some suspense, the lucky winner is not publicly announced, but I have high anticipation on VXL Holdings Sdn Bhd.

As you would see, now Vietnam already have a lot of boutique gaming outlets, and in order to push the economy further, Vietnam is looking for a more comprehensive integrated tourism industry. This in turn will relate to massive development that comprises hotels, theme park which comes with gaming facilities. In fact, news also quoted saying that Vietnam is also opening the casino to it's local citizen soon, after a bill to legalized Vietnam citizen above age 21 to enter casino and electronic gaming outlet is submitted in 2H 2016.

In fact, Datuk Lim Chee Wah had intention to develop 1800 hectares of land at Ha Long Bay, situated at the province of Quang Ninh, which is very near to the southern part of China. (Source - Vietnam News - VXL explore La Hong Bay)

VXL lead by Datuk Lim Chee Wah is nothing short of big funds for integrated development. Along with it's experiences in developing resort city and leveraging expertise from Genting group, VXL chances are just too good to be missed.

2. Cambodia

Cambodia is not losing out to Vietnam on casino too. This is the place where Dr Chen Lip Kong saw the rise of his NagaCorp empire through NagaWorld Casino in Phnom Penh. Badev is a great interchange border city of Cambodia and Vietnam, and due to the current ruling that Vietnamese are not able to enter casino or electronic gaming outlet at their own country, Badev is frequented with Vietnamese citizen.

VXL has developed a master plan with integrated resort to add value on the current state of the city. Likewise Vietnam, Cambodia is also looking to attract foreign investment and the government is in dire need of cash. Hence, casino is one of the option that Cambodia opted in order to lure huge foreign direct investment in developing the country tourism sector through integrated resorts that offer casino and electronic gaming.

So after reading all this, where is China ? Yes, I had left China out in the casino picture for now, because if I would to give information about VXL able to set up electronic gaming and casino in China, I am afraid this will make Dataprep hitting the ceiling limit. Haha.. well, this is a joke for now.

As for now, both Vietnam and Cambodia casino are favorite places for the Chinese tourist to visit all year long.

As a conclusion
If you really do believe Dataprep heading into this direction (Hotel, Tourism and Gaming), I really have to leave this part to your own good head to think about what is the future share price of Dataprep. A boom in semiconductor industry can send Penta up 500%. As for Dataprep into Gaming Industry, you know what is best.

DATAPRP (8338) - This is really your once in a life time chance!