EKOVEST (8877) - EKOVEST: Why you can expect the upwards rally will continue tomorrow

1) A whopping 46518 lots of buy queue orders at 1.05 were not fulfilled before market ends for the day. Will this result in these buyers rushing in tomorrow early morning hence resulting in a gap up tomorrow?


2) Today, bullish harami has been formed in Ekovest. A sign of bullish reversal. Accompanied with the stochastic blue line crossing red line at an oversold area, expect this rally to continue.

3) The chart pattern now is CONFIRMED to be that of a double bottom breakout.

4) From analysis, it was also noticed that IWCITY and MALTON did not have the strength that Ekovest has. These two counters were also fiercely sold down last Friday. But when all these 3 counters rebounded today, note that both IWCITY and MALTON spiked in the early session, but then failed to sustain the spikes before finally dropping down again. IWCITY dropped back to around the opening price, and Malton ended up dropping further into the negative. Ekovest, on the other hand, maintained such momentum to close at the intraday high price. This suggests that Ekovest is likely to continue rally further, as this phenomenon suggests Ekovest has higher buying demand, compared to IWCITY and MALTON which has lost their momentum.