HENGYUAN (4324) - Solid gem for 300% return

 I not expect my first blog will have more than 30,000 views! I just try to share my 200% hidden gem and my enlightmenment on how I derive the gem. Woah! Salvador Deli also gave me a call to say he no longer eat chicken at Evolve Concept Mall becuase Jaks already give him profit!

Becuase I am a superinvestor with excellent track record. I will move on to announce my next solid gem for 300% return!

It is Hengyuan.

I bought Hengyuan since RM2.4. I am so surprise on yesterday Hengyuan run to RM6.9! My profit is 200% on Hengyuan. I strongly believe Hengyuan will able to return me 300%.

- I assess Hengyuan profit on a method name "buy before fund managers buy". Mean I must find and buy a gem before large insitutions or fund managers buy.

- In accordance with my stock selection principal "dare to Sialang before other fund managers blow trumphet". Many fund managers start to blow trumphet in these few days over Hengyuan. Thank u! My stock selection principal is proven true

- My target price RM15.92. Some fund managers start to put target price above RM15.92. I am conservative and sell before those fund managers

Let go on to the real story.....

Today morning I go hiking with Salvador, I boast to him I buy Hengyuan at RM2.4 and I strongly recommend him to buy. I was so surprise he tell me that he buy Hengyuan since RM2.3! It is 10 cent below! I tell him we will profit 300% soon and advice him not to blow trumphet he buy Hengyuan. I learn from my stock guru it is always good to be humble.

Salvador told me, NO, you must post, becuase you are super investor. U have responsibility like Superman. You can be responsible for if people become rich or poor. U must advice them to Sialang. If u dont post on blog, they may end up same fate as me to eat burger and coca cola alone in Evolve Concept Mall for 6 month!

Thank you.

Sincere, Herbert Chua